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Those smile in memory(记忆里那些微笑)

Chun Quqiu comes, beautiful Xie Hua leaves, memorial bury that heart sea …

In the person's lifetime, the person that can encounter and thing are really too much and too much, only alone you and your story most let me be at ease hard … is the passing traveller in whose life, is the runner in whose life, the dirt of preexistence, the wind of this age, endless is energy spirit of grief!

Who can be, it is you once exclusive; Who be, be your future is exclusive, had tasted the fructification with acerbity blueness to just know among them agonized. She knows she did not forget, also do not put. Otherwise she is paying close attention to you silently all the time, bless you; When you give me the information otherwise she won't throb quickly, won't she cannot cheat … oneself, there are you all the time in the heart. But she also knows, you are flyer, oneself are a fish, you are destined to cannot be together, face all these, she has silent move only, can the silent … on the mouth be a heart however how silent? And the appearance when you also cannot see she is the most doleful forever, because only you are not in beside when, she ability is the most doleful, and this loneliness is being accompanied aching shed a bottom of the heart with tear, that tear, that is painful, can accompany … of her one's whole life probably

Small humble, the girl of a sensitivity, the under cover below firm appearance a flimsy heart. Go responding to each instant with the smile, concealed oneself truest feeling, can see through her without the person that flimsy heart below firm appearance after many broken up, do not have a person to be able to understand her to went how to much pay all the way, understand without the person she is not had complaining those who do not have regret to pay is for what, supporting her to walking along … hardly not to remember the day in those days without the person more is what appearance, the tree is what color, the wind that whether has tenderness from stroke passes before her, remember dimly only, summer of that year …

He, a sunshine, handsome, motion, do not break sedate big boy again, abrupt a life that rushed into small humble, in her that has not stir in truly illuminative feeling world rise, maintain one's composure ground be stationed begins to diffuse … gradually small humble ases if feel to be mixed already his acquaintanceship, close an eye to be able to imagine the rough sketch that gives him clearly even. Affective overtake not be up to sb to decide who, and what cannot small humble do however, what she can do exclusively is to maintain her composure everyday line of sight of ground at one's convenience and thinking around the left and right sides in him, become exercise addiction gradually! Be without in small humble guard against below, him discovery had fallen in love with this evil spirit to cannot block the boy —— Xiaomo that ever had given her the help again!

Buddha says: Everything is all psychedelic! I think, or the sadness that those bearing and ache, the joy that those flying upwards and youth, all stories are good dream nevertheless, those sadness are quiet in air diffuse, what experience tear to slide with fervent face is icy, the season of muddled, it is the life … that he changed small humble to calm originally

The dirt of preexistence, the wind of this age, you are blown like blast, if blast is far,go again, she what await was blown to come loose by wind hair, blow decayed the skin, blow changed the body, remain a pose that await only, forever awaiting … to cherish the mood in those days for him as before: Cry for you, laugh for you, for you happy, imagine for you, pay for you never the real situation of character regret! Let junior dream resemble forever not the flower of withered, stay in her memory! After all he is the boy that she lets laugh the realliest in a few years when the girl has gone, although what he made everything cause harm to the girl, but still thank him very, because he still offerred the girl finally the memory of so much beauty, let her understand the course of growing heart road of a girl!

Just was brought up to just discover gradually, some lot are wrong encountering only, some of person is destined want depart, have some of way or wanting a person to walk along … to have some of feeling is not love …











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