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With the memory of tear catharsis(用泪水洗涤的记忆)

Draw a person, should use worldly the most beautiful colour comes draw; Keep a person, cannot find an a word, word to come however recall. Tonight is the festival of lanterns, my person stays in the house to sit on the bed, those who bump one day is tired still be in, empty stomach also carelessly is filled full.

Mere a Spring Festival, had had sufficient all one's life heart. Perhaps can say time, the likelihood should be used all one's life will forget, when cannot forgetting, be forced to use countless late at night come recall.

The nose of my at the moment is already acerbity, the has a tear impossibly again eye that once thought to dry up is wet still. Say a person I drop first tear comes, because she is my grandma, she has been fond of me, I never start to talk should, she gave the old person of unselfish love.

I am not clear, and also cannot accept up to now, do not believe this already became a fact, do not agree to let off oneself from the bottom of the heart!

The elder brother's daughter spends duodenary time, I come home, have a meal with grandfather grandma, she says thing of not feel like eating with I and grandfather, I and grandfather think her have a poor appetite, and I also regarded the grandma that does not give or take an injection not to take medicine all along as iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength, of one mind is put on the body of that young brother's daughter.

In the meal that restaurant eats, all people busy for dot, kin friends drink take course, everybody did not consider two old people in the home. I know the grandma is fond of an elder brother, the child that she sees an elder brother should be compared see us a few whose child hits the comfort in heart. Already was person father because of her grandchildren.

Lie between a day to want to answer Jinan to come, at last decides to visit grandmother, grandma of early in the morning comes over to ask when to go, she has cooked salty duck's egg to me, prepared mug-up and gallinaceous cake, preparation a lot of she hates to part with eating thing. She thinks all the time I outside whats eat bad, get along than who bitter. My respecting midday just go, then she is at ease came home, should prepare to come over to send me to go to ante meridiem. But changed a mind again temporarily, the result did not arrive I and mom go to grandmother home with respect to the decision midday.

I go to grandma home, the grandfather says she may go out to unplug careless, I make a round trip twice, wait a little while to still do not come back, be forced to come home. Go out there is a person on the street before seeing, it is Lao homely aunt, aunt.

Mom takes me to arrive on bank, I hope to be able to see the grandma unplugs in grove careless, but the form that did not discover her finally, just think of to leave home every time, she stands to look at me beyond, lose sight of till each other, she the way walk home with her, I leave the home with my mood.

With respect to this she did not send me, I am ability knows later, that she is sitting with respect to advanced street, person of result neither one tells her I am looking for her, she also does not know I leave. Wait for her to come home, grandfather life tells her, I went early! Did not send because of this, a week spent only among, she is ill, one should drop the disease of her life.

At the moment, what I just realize me is grown its are really privative. Before becoming an operation, and the pain that she suffers in the hospital after the operation, I kiss to be worn soon, our innocent thinking is met after these after suffering comes happiness. The stomach is in charge of the oral cavity that is inserted into her, have much anguish, she does not say, know with respect to nobody. She is put bear, right also to the person thing, it is painful to be opposite even.

Friend marriage, it is hasty dekko only, she still is taken out hate to part with eating ham bowel to let me eat. It is a many month, new year's day when, she is taking broomcorn stalk to nail fine-toothed comb for me, after she becomes an operation, the body is inferior to greatly once upon a time, I do not know I am outer unexpectedly when the happiness that angle wants, had been in lose bigger happiness gradually.

When I am on not to put in a road 's charge, she also is not putting in the travel before the road 's charge forward, the space between us is larger and larger. When returning a body to turn back till me, had not known, lay between all one's life among.

Leave the closest year ago, call in home of my go toing ask mother, mom says to took a grandma to check, do not have other condition besides emphysema, that momently good impression stimulates God, because of her favor we this home. But mom says to me however, did not worry, remind me to say your grandma is driven sb. to his death by this disease sooner or later the word of and so on, I so clever fail to see the final result now unexpectedly.

In the phone, the grandma says vaguely, “ flies, I do not have a thing, are not being hanged! ” puts down phone nose acerbity, ask not to hold to even over and over!

When the end of the year comes home, she has lain on the bed cannot go to the fields. A day more serious than a day, think all method to rescue, wanting to let all symptoms explain is day of cold cold just. Counting finger, looking forward to coldest days to end immediately, hope she can be below the sun only bask in.

After she has a thing, abdomen bilges, I am crying to beg her to must eat, I return “ to did not marry, they grew up, am I still done not have? She says ” , she also wants to eat, wish at a draught better, look at us next well!

I know she was not defeated by disease, just lose a lot.

She exhorts I say, do not want sophisticate to take the emotion of others, do not blend the family's love! I get along well with brother elder sister certainly to her acceptance, certain try to make a good showing, let her be at ease.

Because that I leave home to did not let her send, so she leaves me to must not deliver retaliation with hers.

But that one evening I was accompanied with tear photograph, whether is this dim the photograph in is accompanied, persuade me to say the person is old, age is old, this is birth everybody does not hide. These I can be accepted with understanding, I cannot admit exclusively that I cannot appear again at the moment her form, side side or else can hear her voice.

I am not afraid that she is alone over, because her eldest son had gone first, remain the same somebody give presents she. Just cannot face this world that does not have her finally, so cadaverous, so frozen.

Be tired probably, immune force is small, just feel not happy! The grandma went, do not have again from now on so a person uses her the sort of means will loving me, be fond of me! That pair of coarse hands, so clear, as if to still be stroked gently in the face yesterday. But what water of tear of at the moment falls is again much, just also obliterate gently by oneself!

Should learn to put down, made him far go?

Commemorate my grandma




























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