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Those forever memory(那些永远的记忆)

This is a silent night, if or else sleeps smooth and steadily like former days together however. Say to not be clear about former by, can say me only always so ineffable. What pass these days is very insipid, I like this kind of light life that belongs to me very much.

What night temperature drops is very fast, the wind that comes from the sneak attack in a crack between a door and its frame that closet did not close good, let a person feel more this winter cool. Subliminal taut quilt, body of curl up crouch, this can let me experience a short while warmth. But do not know however, is this a heart in contemplative warm really still? Because of the door outside as before cold, algidity also did not stop sneak attack, also be in because of me this hour, remembered I am far the mom in an alien land.

Remember one of these day. Stand still at square again again, that also is night. Neon lamp is twinkling dazzling light, the crowd moves back and forth before my line of sight. I look up gazing at distance, the moon that has my native place ases if over there, of for a long time, I am holding its ray in the palm to remember a dear one.

Our family is a day each at the same time, for the life.

North is hollowness, more cold. Probably right now do you return in the life for our family depressed overworked? If right now moon also reflects the face that misses me according to you, ask you to watch a bit that sparkles on the side of that, that is the heart that I think you.

Walk oneself in disappear how many times. The alley mouth of a certain darkness, whose form resembles thrill through father's back. As before serious step is in like father the impress in years waste time, reminding me to want to go all the time step by step. Look at him to go gradually gradually far, I miss my father deeply.

South is Qi music, my home is over there, living the father that I respect. Is he right now afraid be in the tired out paralysis of a suit already in Morpheus?

The father mother as a lot of people is same. Their guileless. The lifetime with painstaking busy …… and what pass to can let their children is better, read aloud their lifetime unexpectedly so altruistic and great. But the black hair that why years still has spirit away father, mom's appearance, say not clear I already was immersed in deep self-condemned.

Often can emerge in memory too much about the form at father mother, for example at the moment. Although ceaseless meeting has tear to flush in the eye, but I think this is kind of extremely big happiness all the time.

Also be to remember medium every time to go on a long journey likewise, remember clearly deeply as before, and remember all one's life. Of mom 1000 bite 10 thousand enjoin. Infinite expectation of father. Gaze at affectionately. The look is pulled mediumly long to interweave to be longed for into one continuously. The back that looks at each other is counted already 20 years, so called touch, advance in countless with in gazing at, it is accompanying lachrymal smooth bolt commentate more flawless.

Final. In countless times he goes I go medium. I was understood; Mother and daughter of alleged father and son. It is the back that this life is gazing at each other disappear in the end of alley gradually. Tell the other side to say with the back likewise. Do not chase after ……














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