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Additional time -- memory(另时间——回忆)

Issue wet, you how? I see the smiling face that is less than you. Why did you cry? The drip on your face is tear or rain, my cent is not clear, want to ask you are not bad very much? But fear to throw into confusion your pace, tell me please, it how should take you to run ability is good to should take you to run ability? The world rain, be you are crying? Then I aching!

I ever thought time can let me forget those unpleasant memory, like running water easily parting. The society that I try hard forgets, memory makes a person asphyxial, I think I will be aching to gone, be lifted once more when memory, I forgot breath. Your arrival is well-meaning I never suspect, and you let a person spend him loss for a time however. I pretend easy had gone beside you, of effort do not go seeing you, the smile of effort goes facing. It is you still be too kind-hearted bloodily too, your one farewell head lets a person again and again sad. It is me insufficient adamancy or you too complicated and confusing, let a person just build the fort that rise to collapse with a loud crash in the heart. Learning to if you cannot halt a footstep for me,forget, I can forget only, can learn to forget only. Time won't stop for the person, and I can be not recollected only. Pray in the heart, will awake to be able to forget tomorrow probably. But I never regret to encounter, if regret,the person can grow how again, after be at ease probably, I can smile face the past, we just can grow. Forget us to just be met only probably happier life. The associate with that writes down here probably can fade from his memory by time. Every probably should exist rear some kind period make with await!

I wish time can let me forget you really, when the memory that recalls us once more when me at least, I still can laugh to say, “ has a place regrettablly! The treatment with OK and easy ” lives everything medium, no longer aching!

Want to ask you very much actually, for who sad? But also dare not want, fear oneself again deep-set do not have among them but extricate oneself, the life that I miss you I cannot be participated in again,

I want to be together with you, did not come in yours however absent, give your love, those are beautiful, already grew the life that cirrus is intertwining me.

Love, it is same, no matter how endless, after all music eventually the person comes loose. But because,I do not think not dare, hang back is depressed, next halfway wind up.

Hope you are happy, not be in me beside you when; Hope you are happy, when I smile to you no longer; Hope you forget me, regard you as in me after memory. Bless you sincerely, because I know the person that can accompany you to go far won't be me, also know oneself are not your final joy, and the smile that you also need me no longer, because we should forget the memory that belongs to each other, a person is in another time lives well beside another person!









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