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Go all the time, walk along the end of time(走一直走,走到时间的尽头)

We roam about together in misshapen dream in the winter, issued the be sentimentally attached to of one night, floated in Feburary feeling flies the winter sleep that asperses graceful dance. The misses soft sadness time of all over the sky. Heartbeat of thrust deep into the enemy forces takes away what if show,you are like concealed to be in love with, go all the time, had walked along a winter to take another winter year, swing Bai Mang for nothing everywhere icy, nobody clear away the dreariness of cruel backside, bitter before taste, sample namely what tear accumulates harbour hind in the body is sweet salty. Your excuse that I know, I love you persuading to stay is the plot with asp body only.

Our love, luxuriant section section, the sky of put up the shutters swings screwy longing, of the time of alley mouth corner of metempsychosis exiled. The hook in of passing traveller haste. Stealthily abreaction life originally incite, the motion picture that shows in the dream. Experience instantaneous tenderness, the reason that sadness of smile of the bury in the diary parts company, of QQ pulse jumpy, gray head portrait leaves teardrop,

I know you won't feel distressed won't be anxious again for me, the world that monochromatic moves is accused by myself palm. The reason that we do not suit from most begin already this took interest final. Lean close to touching your tenderness greedily. Wrote so much. Calculate me to draw up the Bei of whole world flows. You are stubborn still be without reservation, ambiguous spirit is greedy of attaching minute. What time palm accuses ending to begin retrogression is bare-handed, I am stubborn go all the time, do not think irrespective thinks you are my reason, what took time not carefully is final,

Go, two a person goes, sweet sunshine illuminate is in scenery romance every corner

Go, a person goes, alone and doleful immerse this sadness is gloomy medium corner.

Go. Drop an arm to break down corner. Crying to climb. Crying trip. Crying to say to laughing. Apply colours to a drawing so much sadness. It is sad it is painful, sadness is not installed. The brows of heartbreak tightens a lock, this is me those who be written to your final hate to part with. My character. Won't sink into darkly in your world, time still is diluent after all. The color of love, love to be able to be not written anew. Even if return remnant so little.

The season of commutation, dust is foolish the float of the foolish sank in awaiting wind, spend a tenderness after, the flower is persuaded to stay backwardly, it is natural and alternant rhythm only, that sees the exquisite that the flower falls to be spent again, smiling sunshine as before palpitant and junior use a facial expression,

Go a person goes, free walk aimlessly, until find accompany you to see sunrise sunset only beautiful sentimental world changes, a person that goes stubborn goes, turning round. Live one the individual's Bei to be fond of from now on.

The blue sea blue sky of a person, the He Xuan of alone concert loneliness. Search lose wispy line of sight. Finger tip is slip only by the side of beautiful lip, those superficial injuries, think lightly, cultivate shadow wither and fall, medley a misshapen dream, light a cigarette, taste a cup of tea, paint a picture, a person listens to wind clever rustle makes sound. See scenery human relationship. The change of picture, in affection labyrinthian lingering. A few suffering in mood are sweet, one individual solo dance is a poem, of a person drawing the outline of is a picture, with pen and paper, romance is modelled longly. Of a person perfect,

The end of the smile that takes life, the walks out of time end …… of the a bit












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