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Shallow sing sadness to had delimited memorial cut(浅唱悲伤划过记忆的伤口)

“ thinks you are a kind of happiness, loving you is a kind of style, be fond of you is one kind is enjoyed, be willing to give I am whole heart love most you, coagulate rain. ” coagulates rain is holding coffee in both hands alone the nest is in sofa, memory is worn east the deep feeling when saying this word, a kind of mood that is called sadness begins to be in the heart slowly had flowed. Because say that man of this word at the outset, having havinging other woman now honey-tongued in a certain corner of the earth. Light sadness is in coagulate appear stealthily on pluvial face, a forced smile mounted her cheek, perhaps at the outset loving each other is a mistake.

Deep autumn seasonal, the pluvial coolish September has delimited originally warm sky, chill begins to spread. Coagulate rain is wrapped tightened feeble dress, the station is hiding aside rain, depressed. Into east appeared in this hour, taking an umbrella to stand in coagulate of rain before, warm breath, fell one ground. Coagulate rain touchs hoping to become east, into east very polite smile, coagulate rain, I send you to come home. Not any struggle reason, coagulate rain sat to become the when protecting victory east. A kind of breath flows inside the car dripping, they are known all the time, just the language is not much.

In the following day, into east always be intended innocently the life that rushs into her. Warm breakfast perhaps comes off work come home by the way, anyhow should be in only coagulate become when rain is beetle-browed east always be can seasonable appear. The concept of strange feeling of with the passing of time perhaps is so simple, coagulate rain liked gradually to get on this to resemble the man like water softly, she feels he is clement, kind-hearted, warmth is a good man. Into east it is a person that can say lovers' prattle very much, director speaks out in his mouth in the words and expressions of be bored with so poetics picture meaning. Coagulate rain and loved into Dong Lian, what go to already into Dong Yiru is good to her. Connect attrition to have rarely, if not be to see he and several women accidentally,go out double into right, coagulate rain calculates dead also won't believe.

Bouncing oneself dancing of candle power warmth, coagulate rain is very sober ask east who to like after all. Into east did not reply, the pupil of commutation adventitious, resembling is the heart that cannot keep, coagulate rain understood, into east, we part company, coagulate rain says quietly, go up into the face east revealed a big lose and anguish, did not talk however. Not was in query. Coagulate rain is eating dinner quietly last times.

Go in doleful long market alone, coagulate rain thinks he is adamancy, tear gallops in the indocile in brisk cold wind however and go out. After crying, she wipes tear, is thinking love? Not ah what is alarming.

Just recall those li of memory still very deep, say to forget, impossible, what do can be to fade from one's memory only just. When autumn wind has swept the cheek. Those sadness still can be in memory shallow sing.









不规则动词表记忆技巧有很多单词,今天我们选取了高中英语中一些常见的动词,总结了他们的记忆技巧,今后,我们还会整理更多的, 巧记不规则动词(动词原形、过去式式、过去式分词) 一. 动词原形、过去式式、过去式分词均为同一个单词的 :hurt 、hit、spit 、l


移植记忆一获取能力 阅读时请注意:本文括号内的为名师的点评,不是原文内容! 湖南某考生 “唉


特别注意:《 童年的记忆 》及本站所有转载文章言论不代表本站观点,本站所提供的学习资料,如需使用,请与原作者联系。 My childhood was happy with my mother's love. In my young heart, my mother was strong and healthy, and never got sick. She took


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Classics in year, of memory fragrance (经年里,记忆的馨香) 纯正美文: Memory always is so piquant sometimes with but, in time of all previous classics after filtering, let what I see be like the garment character that hide after the wall

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