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记忆是有的人 回忆是有时候

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Memory is some people memory is occasionally(记忆是有的人 回忆是有时候)

The likelihood is a little sedulous, kept away from painstakingly those ought the hour of recall lament, do not let oneself answer painstakingly remember that paragraph connects breath to also become asphyxial day. Feel sorry these more than 500 day and night fail abluent my regret is agonized, also fail load one's writing with fancy phrases gives the city wall with the sturdiest bottom of the heart. In the army deserter that I am a failure only as before before certain anguish, faint ground looks at courage to collapse before reality, do not forget however dim turn the firmest weapon.

Knowing was not to excuse you, still cannot excuse oneself. Corners of the mouth still has do not have saying word more so, you how doesn't be willing to part with or use take to be reluctant to leave the ground to leave? Once said you are the sun that to me warmth gives me time of the day haughtily, however not from expect it also can become prophecy, final can be distant sun only really. Good regrettablly, the sun won't know forever however, lost it, again beautiful world also is met bleak and blank.

Before two days come home arrange a thing, broke up suddenly in one's childhood old photograph, two children in the photograph do not have a heart to do not have lobar ground belly laugh is worn, let a person also go up not self-consciously accordingly raise corners of the mouth, funny move is laughing, a tear falls on erst smiling face. I think I should be a not competent little sister, in you the last moment of life fails to hurry to unexpectedly see your one side. So those rise the aperture bright lamp of night sky, those write some kind in what I was become by the word of erase again on paper to place. But the regret is in each however goggle in the instant that closes a key point, in my every time breath.

If say each childhood that is protected by the elder brother is happy, then I ever also was worn happily not exceptionally, still think meeting in that way all one's life. You say to let me do not fear, you can protect me. But now my every time grievance, do you look so that see, are you in? Actually, I did not say I am not to fear of labyrinthian twist, because of again long way also this one person goes eventually, can be me however devouringly is reluctant to leave be held in both hands to be in the warmth of control. After you leave, I or was to grow a lot of, awake to decide suddenly to want to begin like some day early morning it seems that sensible, do not have again any process, suddenly is like some kind of native talent, they say I am mature.

There always is so much person in life, calculate a memory about them to wipe a blank, also as before can pain emerges secretly in a certain casual hour move. The friend says, the stuff that if go up personally,bears is too heavy, the road henceforth is met only tiredder and tiredder. I am the intelligence with sturdy neither one can say to forget probably, also do not have most the smile of the calm goes facing, was forced to choose the most of a kind way so, force oneself sedulous oversight drops that paragraph of the saddest day, imagining us to just disappear for ages.

Elder brother, I had excused that with one's own hands finish your person, I had been that child that is waiting to be protected no longer. Still have, I am to think you really, but but God cannot give me however any one kind bestows let you hear. So, mixing them tear is put in distressed associate with together became good, wait for time only all airing.

If be take leave of, age is lain between when, and with word word feeling, with Wen Jisai, wish Jun An is good.









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