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Those misshapen memory, those wipe the injury that does not go(那些残缺的记忆,那些抹不去的伤)

Like simple love, like bright understand white person, like ground of on the up-and-up living, this is my extravagant hopes to life! ___QB

Night, deep; Alone luxuriant come on stage, perform in my bottom of the heart. Successive drizzle of a few days, exuding tenderness and love through eyes, wave gently fall before the window. Such night, the heart that lets me feels more cold. There is slow and distressed melody in computer, sit in the head of a bed alone, holding in the arms this. Knowing is so doleful that do not want to talk, still be oneself had done not have a language, willing a person looks at computer screen to syare blankly silently, resemble those who lost spirit is goofy.

Be fed up with diurnal blundering with blatant, do not like too much dispute. Have in the life too much but, have too much gibberish, the true person that is fed up with those affectation, hypocritical word, also do not like to step lay in those each trying to cheat the other. Very quiet awaiting each arrangement, each paragraphs of fate, without complaint.

Once yearning happiness, be destroyed to get broken up in reality; For those once look forward to, do oneself black and bluely again. Actual cruelty, destroying not firm puny body, heavy burden is pressed I am suffocatively come, shoulder has can'ted bear heavy burden! Looking at the dim Gu lamp outside the window, heart, painful to cannot breathe.

Like a night, love on alone, fall in love with loneliness, also become more and more close ego. I do not know, how long can I still hold to on this road? More or less can flimsy life still bear to weigh? Discover oneself resemble the fly that bends over to go up in glass only sometimes, future a light, cannot find an outlet however!

The character resembles demon, always keep dancing in my soul, never had stopped! Sadness, doleful, helpless when, always like to lock up oneself into the character in, be in this fictitious world, be without reservation. Look at 10 point to strike these written languages below, resembling is a kind intended or innocently pour out. Write over there full sentimental, alone, loneliness and sad!

Character, for who to cry? And I, be for who to write down this forever sadness? is this me want? Such I, it is after all got the heart abreact, be still the cut that the over and over again opens a blood with one's own hands? It is the soul that the network saved me after all, be still I lose the spirit in the network?

Years is pointing to if slide quicksand, tired out finger cannot pull prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Broad-leaved epiphyllum blossoms secretly in midnight, come by who take pity on its brief, what who ever had persuaded it to stay again is aromatic?

Sometimes, my true good envy those are OK follow one's inclinations him expression the person of the mood, because I am not done,arrive. Perhaps, the heart that close had been been used to not by others detection, so, I am alone, because I am connected,did not have to the desire that others pours out. Fear to get hurt, wrap oneself severely those who father so, everybody is entered. I think, I am that man that puts no less than sadness from beginning to end.

Loneliness is like glacial night, be in all the time these days savour such desolate, heart, it is already desolate. How long had laughed without to one's heart's content? Shallow, the expression that smile a thin smile, what can conceal my heart more probably is alone. Why is remembering his to fall odd? Be to be in why year the sheet that He Yue falls? Know such cold winter only, a person, had spent countless!

This also perhaps is a kind of self-abuse, painful happy move! Looking at is to diffusing everywhere in the space distressed character, discover not hard, this is a kind of virus to me, and pervading quickly, in the wintry night of this alone and cold lonely! Painful soul is worn in clamour, unreal changes a character that is full of sadness.

Life is such nevertheless, all one's life, tens of hasty carrying, for who is who living? Just be each other mutual support, place! Once me all pride are packed up, all missish put down, once, want so low-downly to save this paragraph of love. Perhaps, be wrong really, think of this, tear, the instant has delimited from the bottom of the heart, the sort of painful, unmanned and witting! Oneself are only clear, what calls painful thorough heart door leaf. Heart, had been hurt, still can heal?

A person goes too for a long time the meeting is tired; Heart, if painful too long regular also meeting is dead. I must admit, had begun to fear alone, fear doleful, feared to lose! Alone heart, lead a wandering life so that do not think again really, who does not want all one's life to seek the person of a love. One every day reduplicative lives, expecting you can with me in all, expect you can give me power, give me courage, continue! Perhaps, this also calls suffer from one's own actions, have only oneself to blame! It is me, push oneself into the abyss of this beyond redemption step by step.

Sad person is so much, and I am among them. I know, I just bury associate with in the means that uses my, probably, also want to get one is comforted from which. Bury oneself sadness in the character, reappoint buries him by sadness! Sadness deducted my sore point, come over often. Envisaging tomorrow, memory yesterday, those misshapen memory, those wipe the soul that the injury …… that does not go wanders in the late night, without the directional … that come home

















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