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The memory that never forgets(永不忘的记忆)

Still remember that attractive smile, make me imperceptible get drunk among them. Hold a memorial ceremony for has not begun the love that has ended one paragraph, let me leave it in memory. Can you remember me?

—— preface

The winter goes spring come, beginning of a year, everythings on earth anabiosises, exuberant, there is cool and refreshing, comfortable breath in air, give me a kind of pure state of mind.

“ answers eye to laugh at 100 fawn on to be born, black of 6 palace pink does not have color ” , the memory in the history, this thinking that I won't be encountered, but you brought a shock to me, still remember, that attractive smiling face opens thin lip gently, can be “ known? ” fokelore strikes up a conversation mediumly, fancy, adventure. The experience of first time, you bring me.

The appointment of every time is full of novel, and those who let what I forget to be not dropped forever have that smiling expression only, you had said, life is full of a miracle, you can laugh all the time, bring each person joy, of my Ceng Tianzhen had asked, are you glad really? Your answer is however why not.

A few days do not contact let me lose one's balance, feel very important oneself are so sad however, so negligible, so imagine attraction from opposite sex. The grandfather should go, he is very good all the time to you, hear these, I am very sad, want to comfort you, say my meeting for company all the time you, can discover you just are perfunctory, I am confused. The smile that putting you is answered in the head, always feel, see smile, I as if got a whole world.

Later we are not contacted gradually, do not have even the greeting, I persuade myself, it doesn't matter, I do not care, but I discover deceive people, more paralytic oneself consciousness, smiling expression is clearer, eventually, we were not contacted again, become stranger even, but my recollection is very distinct still, make popular feeling clearly painful, meet sometimes defect is in memory cannot extricate oneself, because of that attractive smile.

Of the autumn come over to let my disclosure time pass really quickly, I already went out from the desalt in your life, disappear even, but you say you fall ill, very serious, I am very afraid, but I discover more lamentable is to cannot find the reason that comforts you unexpectedly, turn along with you from the line of sight disappear, it is a lengthy process to me, to you, without any meanings.

Anyhow, open-armed wish you, wish your that smile often is in, begin from today, my general discards all these, make oneself unfixed, final finally, you or whats do not know.

What is love after all, yue of two affection photograph? Be still love solely? Or is both?

I do not know, do not understand more, escape me present, still hide in oneself world, not be not to think, just do not do.














不规则动词表记忆技巧有很多单词,今天我们选取了高中英语中一些常见的动词,总结了他们的记忆技巧,今后,我们还会整理更多的, 巧记不规则动词(动词原形、过去式式、过去式分词) 一. 动词原形、过去式式、过去式分词均为同一个单词的 :hurt 、hit、spit 、l


移植记忆一获取能力 阅读时请注意:本文括号内的为名师的点评,不是原文内容! 湖南某考生 “唉


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Classics in year, of memory fragrance (经年里,记忆的馨香) 纯正美文: Memory always is so piquant sometimes with but, in time of all previous classics after filtering, let what I see be like the garment character that hide after the wall

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