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The time of a smoke(一根烟的时间)

The time of a smoke

In the college town of certain city, have a crossover, will go the student with hasty circumstances or style of departure passes it everyday, of course is general, this high-frequency city lets a student bustle so that resemble a white-collar same, be too busy all round attend to bit by bit change. Unluckily, recline of bridge column edge is worn a schoolgirl, ordinary even the existence that the person with hasty circumstances or style of departure overlooks her. Crepuscular days, the setting sun is inclined inclined lazy touching her lazily, teasing the dusk that she and each the setting sun spend together.

She takes out a smoke leisurely, adept ignition, the instant was full of a kind to take infatuate boundless and indistinct and acedia smoke. Suck greatly at a heat, this isle still likes very much actually in her heart. Although discrepancy urban district is very not troublesome, although be here the mood always resembles what Yin Meng cheats like weather, although oneself life is about to bring here and be changed, although …… although she just likes …… the environment here. The station can see from beginning to end on crossover the pitch-black driveway of understand, very fresh very clean. Of wayside thick Mo Chongcai lush and green tell her the summer because,invading …… is such clean, of color dinkum, without home town all over the sky Huang Sha coils the ground. Because the Huang Sha of all over the sky is blown,always be in the home because disconsolate aerosol choke must open cigarette not to open his eyes,always be however here.

Beginning smoking is big the thing of 2 moment, she in those days resembles was to enter traitorous period same, because entered a college later a series of not successful not satisfactory, anxious begins to smoke to heartbroken. The setback on study and soulful get hurt emptily. The best of its kind that the school is all the time before attending a college is strange, entered an university to be hanged all the way division, already countless, all likelihoods hang had hanged, carrying one gunny-bag on the back to be repaired again beginning to ponder over this after all is for what. See her up to now or one face degenerates and confused, look did not want to understand. Soulful is her him discovery emptily beside us this group laic the emotional world that cannot understand her, spoken parts in an opera is she likes a same sex. Tell her junior high school to discover he likes a same sex according to her, whats do not know that streak to care far from, arrived high school began the love with common teleplay of a paragraph of dynamic, in be enmeshed in happiness from time to time making fun of small disposition also is fly is kicked vacate a leg, dozens small small was troubled by. Every time she tells the past that has her so happy, so happy, can viewing the past that gets her even from inside her eyes can be flashy, became endless sadness again. Ending need not say, nature is to part company, pay no attention to her, she just admires a head to sigh, lighting a cigarette, close eye suction inlet to enrage, like wanting to lie between the world outside the body, had turned the head sees me deeply, that expression lets popular feeling ache enchanted. Knit frown, still have between forehead so a heroic spirit, be indifferent to again calmly say a “ our story ”…… does not want to guess a story, it is her pain probably, did not want to mention again forever?

Blast is urgent down street flee in disorder, blow came loose before her disconsolate aerosol, look at the leaf that leisurely sways, as one falls is like unreal like the dream. A smoke is lighted. “ goes ” or country of a pair of care the expression of care civilian. The route that she takes, some desolate, there is the person that travel together beside, her pace has some of cynical, such feeble a what kind of road can you walk out of?







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