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Time is OK and diluent everything(时间可以冲淡一切)

Big 2 when, accidental opportunity lets us again meet again, we had done not have the high pressure that tall the four seasons fors reference, not be the child that knows study only blindly in those days any more. Probably because be fellow-townsman, also be the old schoolmate when Gao Sifu reviews, although not be familiar with at that time, big 2 when meeting again, we went one case however, become an order smoothly, we became friend of male and female.

I am to want to love each other all one's life with you sincerely, but time grew, the little beautiful heart that I also feel you and to me need not heart. We had quarrelled, I had cried for you a certain number of second, you do not know probably. Major on the weekend, we are not together, I do not know you are specific where, but the reason that you have you every time. The sister of the dormitory sees a movie with the boy friend, perhaps shop, the girl of the ground outside only I and another boy friend are in, we go twice together the doorway seeks family education, perhaps go to a supermarket buying the fruit that handled that day at 89 o'clock in the evening, because our family financial situation is bad, we are the poor's children.

Later, graduated, you are taken an examination of grind to was not taken an examination of on, we found our job, you are in Beijing, I am in Shanxi. We also parted company with respect to ground of follow a rational line to do some work well. Time often meets embarrass person, began contact 9 that when we just were beginning twice to work years again, the feeling between us be able to resume combustion, lasted near two years all the time. Later, we or because of two ground, I part company decisively with you, because you are done not have resolved come here, I also abandon myself comparing steady work to go to Beijing looking for you without courage. But you go mad at that time the sentiment that seems so that want to redeem us, you ask for leave will look for me, still remember your genuflect requesting my appearance before me, but you let me feel be less than you is open-armed,love me, university love of 3 years, let my injury appear a heart, think you can be changed for me, but become me to go to Beijing seeking that paragraph of your time, I steal the thing that sees you are written secretly, while so you are talking about love with me, liking the another schoolgirl of other department. University period, I am systemic heart to you, wash dirty clothes and smelly sock for you, on a few myself are bought to be hated to part with for you on the way that works family education to come back eat delicious, you hit a ball I am given to you on act of this one act reproduces the boiled water …… with good 凉 before in me, but you are not cold to me not hot, I am in all the time feel puzzled why do you chase after me ardently at the beginning, later cool I, when applying for a job, do not search together with me, graduated you should repeat the feeling previously with me again. I do not know what reason was together with you, but I know I had not loved you, I want to retaliate you only, etc you are not cold however when one day I also let you know one individual sincerity is paid to you what is be not being heated up experience. I succeeded, but I am happy not at all. You hate me, scold me even, scold I and me new boy friend, I am not had to you language, you at that time is urgent red eye, you were to feel really helpless.

Had gone near 5 years after departure, we had our family, I also had my daughter, I had vanished completely to your hate. It is the sign that there still are you constantly in my dream only, it is my first love then after all, I gave true love of near 3 years. If which day we brush a shoulder and pass, we can pretend to be not known, but it is personal enemy no longer at least, because time is OK diluent everything.






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