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Let concern your memory, wave far(让有关你的记忆,飘远吧)

Deep memory, the associate with of leisurely, engrave is on the heart. Those detail, those sound, those are happy. If carve was in like grain sth resembling a net in our life. This lifetime, synthesize deep-rooted memory by an another deep group, and these are bright and the memory of sunshine, always be so moving, good.

Always want to write some of script that concerns you, not be souvenir, you are not beside me, but I always am of suddenly,recall you, when remembering you, affection of my all the different kind, cannot verbal. Have be very fond of, have take pity on, have respect, have care. Perhaps, your calm heart is early had forgotten me, I cannot see you, also do not listen to you, but, I cannot forget you namely.

The heart that just can walk into me because of you wants to once treated you as sole bosom friend, because your form is carved,just was in in my brain and for a long time does not agree to leave, that Sakesi is blown for me on a special trip and in the at present in the heart ineffable and lasting touch, the billows sound that because you are in that phone,just lets me listen attentively to the sea and one is become in life cannot the scenery of carve, I do not know, I do not know.

Some affection, although days is far,went, but that deep love precipitates as time however,was in in heart sea. Think some things can be ground so that did not have burnish by days, the time that feels long can erode memory, but think of you every time, my eye always is wet wet, have actually once Sang Hai's feeling. I just know, you are all the time in my heart, although years often goes, I still am caring you.

Once drop of your a drop warmed I am deep friendly feelings, let all misunderstanding vanish completely. Have some of thing actually, need not character says, some massiness, be in bottom of the heart. Some are true, intention ability is experienced.

I respect your firm intense, admire your persistence, after you are utterly disheartened and leave sadly. I as if that asp heart below the arm that sees you are firm, I experience you to be in but and how to struggle in deeply anxious anguish to disembark, I want to tell you, love is very bitter, do not want to try easily, love very injury person, you should know to cherish your, love one individual cost, bear namely happiness and ending, the ending of whatever appearance, want to bear. Love is to be in dry up with the life that is born in hardships, be destined is wade heavily.

Perhaps I am written down too much, my hand, my pen-and-ink thing too too true, the character of others is in that way elegant and romantic, only beautiful and free and easy, and my character is such sinking, heavy drop oneself went in dust, such weighing, have not enough time again to breathe, such static, make oneself staticly asphyxial.

Actually I do not want to carry a pen, because,be these real characters, I know to also injure a person, virtually injures the person that cares about me, hurt a deep friendly feelings. Oneself are kind-hearted, those who remember others a bit is good, forgetting sometimes actually perhaps is a kind of happiness, be being written down is a burden more sometimes, because although you are deep-rooted engrave is worn, likelihood others is early had forgotten. Him happiness that has not cherished to others is writing down instead is a kind of lose. So, let our engrave to what cherish, do not cherish make us dim.

This is first time also be the last time write down this paragraph of character for you, na Yongjiu's memory, also let her go far as great waves. Be in distance, bless only in succession, wish you time of bright and beautiful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument, well be like first!












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